Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Create complex Scavenger Hunts for digital assets spanning multiple geographies.

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Scavenger Hunt for Gamified Interactions with Mentaport

Rethink Scavenger Hunts with Mentaport's SDK. Developers can craft intricate NFT scavenger hunts that span multiple geographies, incorporate timed discovery windows, and encourage community organization. Through Scavenger Hunts, developers can:

  • Design Exciting Hunts: Create NFT Scavenger Hunts that lead end-users on journeys across different locations and time windows.
  • Community Engagement: Foster collaboration and interaction within your community by designing Scavenger Hunts that require participants to work together.

Scavenger Hunts allow developers to elevate gamified interactions by integrating location-based gaming incentives, fostering community engagement, and delivering memorable experiences.

Real-world Applications

Scavenger Hunt during an eSports Convention 

Imagine a global eSports convention. The conference organizers integrate Mentaport's SDK in order to enable an NFT Scavenger Hunt. Participants receive clues and challenges through an app. These challenges lead them to different areas guided by location data. As they approach designated spots or complete tasks on time, they unlock NFTs related to their favorite game franchises. Time-sensitive clues encourage strategizing and teamwork to crack the code. By building a Scavenger Hunt using Mentaport, the gaming convention transforms into a dynamic and interactive adventure.

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