Resource Distribution

Resource Distribution

Mentaport can assure that resource allocation ends in the right hands.

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Resource Distribution through Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Rethink Resource Distribution with Mentaport's SDK. Mentaport allows developers to control who sends and receives resources, where they're distributed, and when interactions occur. With Mentaport's Resource Distribution, developers can:

  • Customize Resource Distribution: Employ geolocations to define exact areas for sending or receiving resources.
  • Expand Reach: Extend Resource Distribution from local interactions to broader coverage over time, allowing for adaptable allocation.

Built for developers' applications, Mentaport's SDK makes Resource Distribution easy for scaling while also maintaining Smart Contract integrity and end-user Segment privacy. 

Real-world Applications

Resource Distribution for Credits

Envision a Football Team utilizing Mentaport's SDK for Resource Distribution to streamline the allocation of discounts for household season passes. The company wants to offer household discounts without overwhelming any region. Through Mentaport's location-based customer segment insights, the company can allocate each eligible household one discount. The Football Team would define geographical zones, and implement guidelines allowing only one discount per household. As end-users purchase their season passes, Mentaport's SDK validates their location and cross-references it against the promotion’s guidelines while end-user’s location privacy is maintained. The end-user, each household, precise location isn’t exposed on-chain.

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