Proof of Attendance

Proof of Attendance

Validate that an end-user is physically present in the project’s location.

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Proof of Attendance through Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Developers utilize Proof of Attendance  through Mentaport's SDK. Developers can validate end-user presence and create NFTs that showcase attendance at events. With Mentaport's Proof of Attendance, developers can:

  • Validate Physical Presence: Verify that users are physically present at specific events or projects. This ensures authenticity and provides a verifiable record of attendance.
  • Attendance Based NFT: Transform end-user attendance into a NFT while protecting their data privacy.

Proof of Attendance enabled by Mentaport allows developers to rethink end-user engagement at events. Discover the potential of embedding location details with Mentaport for making attendance a novel experience.

Real-world Application

Proof of Attendance at a Conference

Imagine a scenario where developers from around the world are attending a popular Web3 conference. To commemorate their participation, the conference organizers leverage Mentaport's SDK and utilize Proof of Attendance. As developers register and physically attend the conference, the Proof of Attendance feature verifies their presence without logging their precise location. Once validated, an NFT is automatically minted, showcasing attendance with a unique digital token. These NFTs become a novel digital badge. Mentaport's Proof of Attendance redefines the conference experience, offering participants an exclusive digital asset that reflects their active involvement.

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