Geo-Gate by defining the coordinates, perimeters, geotags, or city names for increased distribution coverage.

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Geo-gating Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Gain more control over Smart Contracts with Mentaport's SDK. Mentaport's Geo-gating utility feature gives developers control, allowing them to dictate who, when, and where interactions occur within contracts. With Geo-gating, Mentaport allows developers to:

  • Define Access Areas: Utilize coordinates, perimeters, or geographic names, cities, and states, for access parameters.
  • Expand Distribution Coverage over Time: From local interactions to broader content delivery, use city and state names for flexible distribution for audience scaling.

Implemented into developers’ applications, Mentaport’s SDK enables user experiences based on location while upholding security and privacy. Explore Geo-gating with Mentaport.

Real World Applications

Geo-Gated NFTs for Concert Arenas

For example, consider a practical application of Geo-gating: an access zone for an NFT within a concert arena. This ensures that only attendees can unlock exclusive perks during the concert. By defining the stadium as the access area, the distribution of rewards, e.g. backstage access, can be targeted and precise.

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