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Geo-tagging with Smart Contracts by Mentaport

Developers can utilize Geo-tagging and end-user location insights through Mentaport's SDK. Developers can integrate location-based annotations into their projects, with the precision extending as fine as 5 squared meters. With Mentaport's Geo-Tagging, developers can:

  • Annotate User Geography: Securely annotate the geographical locations of users, enriching the project with contextual data and insights without jeopardizing end-user privacy.
  • Capture Validated Location Data: Obtain verified user location information, provided users grant permission to share their geographic details. 

Mentaport's Geo-tagging allows developers to elevate their projects by integrating precise location data, offering valuable insights into end-user interactions.

Real-world Applications

Geo-tagging a Treasure Hunt

Consider developers at a large DTC company working on a global treasure hunt adventure using Geo-tagging enabled by Mentaport's SDK. Imagine a mobile app called "GeoQuest" where users embark to visit culturally significant locations. As users physically arrive at these locations, Mentaport's Geo-Tagging annotates the geographical coordinates while maintaining end-user privacy on app and on-chain. Once the end-user visits each location, they are rewarded with unique NFTs.

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