Bot prevention

Bot prevention

Mentaport uses proprietary Machine Learning Models to discern between humans and bots that attempt to impersonate and spoof location access.

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Bot-Prevention for Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Bolster security defenses with Mentaport's SDK. With Mentaport’s Bot Prevention utility, developers can use the SDK to distinguish between humans and bots. Mentaport’s SDK generates a confidence score based on Machine Learning models. Mentaport allows developers to:

  • Location Spoofing Detection: Mentaport efficiently spots bots attempting to manipulate their location, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Confidence Score: Mentaport’s SDK determines a confidence score for every user registration, allowing further security customization.

Mentaport's SDK provides reliable Bot Prevention. With Mentaport's Bot Prevention feature, developers can choose their desired protection level and let Mentaport do the rest.

Real-world Applications

Bot Prevention during Distribution of Valuable Assets

Imagine a developer has created a walking tour around a museum where participants collect unique digital art pieces from a very popular artist. For fairness’ sake, the developer chooses to integrate Mentaport's SDK for Bot Prevention. As participants start the walking tour, Mentaport's Bot Prevention ensures the event consists of all real walking people. Based on the developer’s security preferences, Bot Prevention blocks fake participants.

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