August 11, 2023

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Ensemble Art - Community Built Assets During EthCC Paris

Ensemble Art - Community Built Assets During EthCC Paris

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EthCC Paris 2023 was packed with the energy of thousands of attendees gathering near the Seine. Ideas buzzed about on-chain consumer applications as we got updated about account abstraction and CCIP announcements.

In line with Paris’ charisma, we matched the occasion by partnering with Infinity Keys. We designed an experience which allowed EthCC’s audience to convert Parisian landscapes into digital artistic representations. An experience powered by our infrastructure, with Infinity Keys added  layers of design, community and marketing. We considered: what if we could build on-chain digital assets that evolve in real-time and reflect Paris’ EthCC population’s preferences? What if individuals could contribute to communal artwork without revealing their exact location? Engaging without sacrificing privacy.

'Ensemble Art'

Our concept was called ‘Ensemble Art’--a name inspired by the community’s final product. The premise was simple: people in Central Paris could contribute towards generative art constructions while within the mapped region.

We divided Central Paris into three regions.(Main EthCC events centered right around the Paris legend)

A Collaborative Experience

After navigating to on their phone, each contributor would consult the map (see above), and view their regional artwork’s real-time construction status in augmented reality. The contributor could add to the communal work through building a block of their preferred shape and color. While we virtually underlaid the landmarks’ foundations, the final composition and identity emerged from a collaborative effort.

Before any contributions, specifically each regional Token #1, the canvas was blank.

The first contribution, or token #1, in the middle region of the map.

Participants could then contribute one block. There were three themes which correlated with each distinct landmark:

  • North: “Colonne de Juilette” which was composed of wings. 
  • Middle: “Tour de Eiffel” which was composed of flowers.
  • South: “Catacombes de Paris” composed of skulls.

Allez c'est parti! (Off to the races!)

The Reveal: Final Pieces! 

At Mentaport, we believe connecting digital and physical assets opens a window for enhancing the physical world with the digital, or AR. This link combines the tangible physical world with the imaginative digital world. Pushing boundaries and blurring realities, here at Mentaport we want to power up these dual experiences. At ‘Ensemble’, the NFTs were 3D digital models meant for AR interaction and visualization. Participants can encounter such AR fusions around Paris:

The Reveal: Final Pieces! 

While we framed the landmark, the community determined the composition’s color and shape .You can view the pieces at OpenSea . The final results are displayed below:

The final NFTs. Each individual token is bound to a 3D model.
The final constructions: “Colonne de Juilette”, “Tour de Eiffel” and “Catacombes de Paris” left to right (participant pieces are colors other than gold).

Unsurprisingly, the most significant contributions happened in the middle region, “Colonne de Juilette”, near the EthCC conference’s main location. The northern region, where the ETH hackathon took place, fell into second place. And somehow, only a few folks braved exploring the Panthéon and Catacombes.

You can view the UX in this video, captured near the Louvre:

Ensemble UX: Visualize the live status of each artwork, contribute, and mint!

What’s Next for Community Initiatives like This?

Final words: complex work goes into building secure and private connections to location information in web3. At Mentaport, we develop tools which enable location-aware smart contracts that dynamically respond while maintaining privacy and encouraging community. This empowers developers to provide engaging experiences which leverage on-chain technology with minimal technical overhead. 

Given the rise of community centered initiatives, companies must seek new ways to engage existing customers in shared experiences. If you’re considering building a community centered event, Mentaport provides infrastructure for secure, accurate and private interaction with location-aware smart contracts. If you’re already considering our tools use cases, you can sign up to start shipping at

Let us know what you would build!